The Syrian army and the popular crowd are preparing to attack Deir al-Zour


The military expert Brigadier General in the Syrian army Haitham Hassoun said on Friday that the order to progress to Deir al-Zor is settled for the Syrian army and is in coordination with the forces of popular mobilization developed from Iraqi territory, pointing to the integration of Syrian and Iraqi forces will block the way to any progress of US forces in the direction of Deir al-Zour, He said,

The main objectives of the “Big Dawn” battle launched by the Syrian army and its allies towards the Syrian-Iraqi border, Brig. Haitham Hassoun said in a statement quoted by the agency “Tnasim” Iranian “operations of the Syrian army in the eastern countryside of Homs in conjunction with other operations towards the far north-east of Damascus countryside, The two axes meet in several key objectives; first, securing the rear of the Syrian forces heading north from the city of Palmyra to reach the Iraqi border and thus reach the outskirts of Deir al-Zour “

He added that “the Syrian army’s operation aims to reach and control the Jordanian-Syrian-Iraqi border in the Triangle area, and prevent any expansion of the so-called” tribal army “or” commandos of the revolution, “terrorist groups supported by the United States and Jordan”.

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