The U.S General Electric to provide World’s Highest Electric Power in Iraq


The embassy of the United States in Baghdad has announced that a project has been signed between Iraqi Electricity Company and the U.S General Electric Company.

This project is according to a plan to increase production not only for maintenance, but improving the capabilities to generate highest electricity production in all over the world. The U.S embassy said in a statement that U.S giant energy company ‘General Electric’ has signed a project with Iraqi Ministry of Electricity and Energy Company at Babylon Hotel to increase the electric power in Iraq. It would increase and maintain the demand of electricity in the country up to 700 Megawatt in the peak usage in the summer season.

The statement also added that this project would allow Iraq in getting a higher level of capabilities to generate electricity in the country compared to all countries in the world. The U.S ambassador in Baghdad Stuart Jones also praised that Qassim Fahdwi from Iraqi Ministry of Electricity showed a great interest in this project. He also explained that this project is estimated at more than 328 million U.S dollars. He also pointed out that this new project would also provide necessary equipments for the maintenance of ten power plants in Iraq.

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