The U.S has planned to drop Nuclear Bombs by B-52 Bombers in Iraq


Our authentic sources informed that Washington Administration has decided to send B-52 bombers to Iraq. These bombers are capable to carry nuclear weapons and it will be used in the fight against Daash and other terrorists in Iraq.

Fox News channel also revealed on Sunday referred to the U.S television channel quoted on Saturday 6th March. The U.S television reveled a statement of a U.S military source that B-52 bombers will be sent for raids in the month of April 2016 and these bombers will participate in the fight against terrorists in Iraqi, especially to finish Daash organization.

The U.S television didn’t mention that how many B-52 airplanes and how many crew members would participate in this raid. The source pointed out that these B-52 bombers will replace the P1 airplanes. P1 bombers were being used for bombing against Daash and ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria. The special B-52 bombers are being used by the United States for more than 50 years and these airplanes were especially designed to carry nuclear weapons and bombs. The U.S television channel also indicated that P1 aircrafts returned to the air bases in the United States in the last quarter of December 2015 and first week of January 2016. The Chief of Staff of the U.S Air Force Charles Brown also declared that P1 airplanes have returned to home in order to make some regular adjustments and repairing.

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