The U.S would provide 5,000 “Hellfire” Rockets and Missiles to Iraq: Pentagon



The U.S Defense Department and Pentagon has announced that the U.S State Department has agreed to sell five thousand Hellfire rockets to Iraq and this deal is estimated at 800 million U.S dollars.

It is also said that Congress can make hindrance against this deal with Lockheed Martin Company within next 30 days but hopefully rare chances for this action. The Defense Secretary Cooperation Agency normally mange the sale of foreign weapons has confirm the deal. They issued a statement that Iraqi government has shown their willing in buying at least five thousand ‘Hellfire’ rockets.

The agency further added that the government of Iraq has demanded for ten training missiles. The agency has forwarded a letter to the U.S House of Representatives and also uploaded on their official website that these missiles would participate in the national security protection for the United States. it would empower the capability of the Iraqi armed security forces in order to support in the continuous fighting operations. It is also said that this deal would also enhance the strength and power of the Iraqi security forces that are fighting against terrorism, especially against Daash organization.

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