The World Warned Erdogan for the use of Uprising against Coup Attempt in Turkey


The recent situation of Turkey is so alarming not only for Turkey but the world as well. More than 8000 people have been arrested till now from different areas of the country. Almost 3000 judges are also arrested being the part of this attempt.

In the same figure the soldiers are arrested and now in the prison. Around 300 people have been killed during this attempt in the different parts of the country. More than 100,000 tourists were stranded in the country and some of them are also known are killed during this attempt. The experts believe that the situation is not under the control yet. Some experts believe that military attempt is also not over now. There is a threat of military attempt again in the country.

Keep in the mind that controlling this situation will be a very tough job for Turkey President. The president announced to deal the soldiers and their partners with the iron hands. The government has also given sign of death penalty for attempted coup. However, the world has warned Tayyab not to do anything beyond the law. Turkey’s schools and Gymnasiums are being used as torture cells. It is reported that most of the soldiers and judges are prison there. The president is also expecting another attempt from military side in next few days as some secrete reports revealed these facts.

Turkey Coup

Therefore; the president is continually appealing his supporters to come on the road in the favor of government. European Union said that the attempt does not provide a blank checque to the president to do what he wants with the soldiers and other officers arrested for the charge of attempt. He will have to keep international rules and the European Union rules in the consideration while taking any step against these people. It further said that reintroduction of death penalty is against the European law and the world law as well. Erodogan should not consider it all in all and need to obey the rule of law in all its decisions against attempted soldiers and officers.

If turkey wants to regain its old position in the international world, it will have to take all decisions according to laws. European Union also warned Tayyab not to isolate himself in the international community by reintroducing the death penalty against attempted guys.

It warned tayyab that going this, he will be able to gain the fame in the country domestically but he will ruin himself in the international community. So many people already believe that Tayyab has made Turkey alone in the international world. His policies are against the interest of the country that he needs to review.

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