Third Consecutive Victory of Donald Trump for Party Representation Contest


The U.S television networks have announced that Donald Trump has a handsome victory with a huge margin for the electoral councils in Nevada Republic against Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio on Tuesday.

It is considered the 3rd consecutive victory by Trump in the contest to win the representation of the party for the U.S Presidential election 2016. The news channels CNN and Fox News have indicated that Presidential election candidate Donald Trump has won with 42 percent of votes by the Republican Party supporters. Ted Cruz got 23 percent and Marco Rubio got 22 percent votes.

The Associated Press also announced on Tuesday that Donald Trump has won the party representation contest for the Party nomination for the U.S Presidential election 2016. This is his third continuous victory as he already won the party contest from New Hampshire and South Carolina. It is important that at least 57 percent of Nevada caucus-goers said that they are very angry with the current U.S federal government due to their unfaithful and wrong policies and at least 36 percent of supporters said that they are not satisfied with the Obama administration.

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