Third World War to Begin



On Tuesday, the Iraqi Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee has warned that a new war could be imposed against Turkey.

The Turkish air force shot down a Russian fighter jet near Syrian border and it would begin the third world war. Mithal Al Alusi is the member of the Committee, he said that this kind of incident in the present crises cannot be happened accidently and the Turkish government is looking to get the goals of terrorists by dropping a Russian fighter jet near Turkish-Syrian border. This types of incidents would improve the terrorist activities in the region and Turkey is one of those countries that are providing a handsome support for ISIS terrorists and Daash organization.

He stressed that this incident happened due to effects of the Iraq war against terrorism and Daash. But it is important that war against terrorism showed unity of the Iraqi people and Iraqi citizens are is state of war and fighting against Daash and other terrorist groups in the country. He added that Russia didn’t show a quick and massive response against Turkey. The Russian President has shown his anger but he will respond with perfect evidences. The Turkish Military announced yesterday that their fighter jets shot down one Russian fighter jet because it made violation several times in just five minutes in Turkish air space. He warned that any kind of massive response from Russia will start 3rd World War.

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