Thousands Protesters again gathered near Green Zone in Baghdad


On Monday, thousands of Iraqi people gathered at the Green Zone of the Iraqi capital and protested for reforms. The protest took place at the Green Zone, which is considered the most sensitive area because a large number of government headquarters are in this area.

The protesters gathered for a rally at the Green Zone near the embassies of British and the United States. The source informed that call was announced from the loudspeaker at the “Sit-in” at the Tehrir Square, Baghdad. The protesters left “Sit-in” and reached at the Green Zone by crossing Jamhuriyah Bridge and gathered near the Iraqi Parliament. Point to be noted that two weeks ago Shiite cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr managed “Sit-in” at the Green Zone. The protesters were demanding for an independent cabinet of technocrats.

Protesters near Green Zone

A senior official of Sadrist movement said that protesters will not try to enter in the Green Zone, but this step was taken to deliver a message to the Iraqi government and Iraqi Parliament. The office of the head of Sadrist movement of eastern Baghdad Ibrahim Al-Jubouri said that it is a strong message that protesters have the capability of gathering and to enter quickly inside the Green Zone. He added that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi forwarded a list of new ministers in the Iraqi House of Representatives, but he is now facing strong oppositions from powerful Iraqi political parties. These political parties are looking to get benefits by entering their ministers in the Iraqi cabinet. But, our demand is still there and Iraqi people need an independent cabinet having competent and professional ministers.

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