Thus the international coalition responded to the “allegations” of its bombing of Hadbaa Mosul


In the US-led international coalition against an organization calling on Thursday to carry out strikes in the area where the historic mosque is located in Mosul.

The organization was calling on US aircraft to destroy the mosque of the Nuri, which is the Middle Ages and its humpback.

“We have not carried out strikes in that area,” coalition spokesman Col. John Durian told Reuters by telephone.

“During the advance of the heroes of the anti-terrorism apparatus and the achievement of the overwhelming victory over the remnants of the gangs, the terrorist called as they advanced towards their targets deep in the old city and when they reached a distance of 50 meters from the mosque of Nuri, To commit another historical crime is the bombing of the mosque Nuri and its historic humpback minaret.”

The leader of the preacher Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had spoken from the pulpit of this historic mosque in his first public appearance in 2014.

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