Time to Buy Iraqi Dinar, Why?


On Tuesday, the sale and purchase of foreign currencies at the Central Bank daily auction was recorded at three thousand, one hundred and fifty. Total 32 banks and 19 funds transferring companies were participated in the sales auction at the Iraqi Central Bank.

The Iraqi Central Bank sold the U.S dollars at the official price of 1182 Iraqi dinars per U.S dollar. The total amount sold at the Central Bank was 118 240 492 U.S dollars compared to yesterday’s sale of 110 701 200 U.S dollars. Today, the total sale of foreign currencies at the Iraqi Central Bank recorded at more than 118 million U.S dollars with a rise of 8 million U.S dollars as compared to the yesterday’s total sale of foreign currency.

Yesterday, total sale of foreign currency at the Central Bank recorded at 110 million U.S dollars with a rise of more than 13 million U.S dollars, as it was at 97 million U.S dollars on Monday. This significant rise in the Iraqi Dinar Exchange rate is pointing to the process of Iraq Dinar Revaluation. Most of the speculators and dinar guru’s have predicted that Iraqi dinar currency will be stabilize and will come back very soon, so don’t Sell Iraqi Dinar because it is not the perfect time to sell iraqi dinar currency. Some of the financial experts believe and advised the Iraqi dinar investors to Buy Iraqi Dinar currency because it is moving towards improvement and this currency can give you a handsome amount of profit in a short amount of time.

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