To reveal a “big conspiracy” in Karrada


The Deputy Chairman of the Security Committee in the Baghdad Provincial Council Mohammed al-Rubaie told about a “big conspiracy” with a will to transfer the weight of commercial in Rusafa to other areas, in what is considered to be “da’aish” has become a “paw” to comment on the failure, warning of the existence of “deliberate” political For the adoption of the law of the capital. “The capital law has not yet been approved by the House of Representatives regarding its status as a city within its administrative borders, and it remains only studies,” Rubaie said in an interview with Sky Press, reported by the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate and read by Alsumaria News.

To “the existence of deliberate and political intent and the lack of will to approve the law of the capital.” Al-Rubaie believes that what is happening in Karrada is a conspiracy with great political will. He blamed the Baghdad Operations Command for “completely responsible for declaring that he did not have the necessary means to open Karrada and asked the Baghdad Operations Commander to equip him with K-9 dogs.” Al-Rubaie said that “Prime Minister Haider Abadi promised to provide 50 (K9) on July 3, 2016, and until today did not arrive,” adding that Karrada is being subjected to “mockery, and there is a will to transfer the commercial weight in Rusafa to other areas in Baghdad, And many traders in Karrada sold their shops and moved to other areas.

” Al-Rubaie pointed out that “the Baghdad Provincial Council did not work one thing for Karrada but to guide the books of thanks to some local institutions, which in turn activated the compensation issues, which paid from the Iraqi Economic Council, and martyrs paid by the Martyrs Foundation,” describing Baghdad province as “shy, Lost between the will of politicians.” “I heard from one of the political leaders, a well-known figure who says to me, do not tire yourself more, because Karrada will not return as it was,” he said. Al-Rubaie said that there is a “big conspiracy on Baghdad, not to give its file a great importance both on the level of services and security, investment and industry.

” He pointed out that “there are useful names while Baghdad has reached this bad image in the absence of public taste and the spread of images and chaos on the level of security and services and health and education.” As for the “da’aish,” Mohammed al-Rubaie said that “the organization has become a pawn to which we attach some of our failure. Fadhash is not stronger than us. Our intelligence is supposed to be stronger and the institutional work is stronger.” Finding solutions, especially since the file cameras have been neglected since 2010. “

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