Top ISIL commander Omar Al-Shishani killed in the U.S Air Strikes


The Top commander of ISIL Omar Al-Shishani was considered an attraction for the fighters of former Soviet Union.

Our authentic sources confirmed that he has died after severe injuries in the air strike in Syria by the forces of United States. The Syrian activist group and a senior Iraqi official informed to AP news agency that Tarkhan Batirashvili (Shishani) was injured seriously in the beginning of this month and he has died on Monday in Raqqa. This area is considered the main stronghold point in Syria for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The spokesman of the U.S military also confirmed these reports.

At the other end, on Wednesday, the father of ISIL commander Teimuraz Batirashvili said that these information are not correct and it is not true that he was injured or dead. He said in a TV interview for Georgian TV outside his house in Birkiani village, Georgia that he is fine and his trusted sources also confirmed that Shishani is healthy and doing his work efficiently, but he didn’t mentioned names of sources. The red-bearded Shishani belongs to Pankisi valley, Birkiani village, Georgia. He was one of the most wanted Top commanders of ISIL and often appeared in a number of online videos with other fighters in the battlefield. He also considered the Top commander in Syria.

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