Trump is trying to subject Iraq to American control again


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Trump and his new policy in Iraq will be unveiled on Thursday, noting that most of the parties in the political arena will be isolated, as well as the confiscation and disbursement of funds by some officials abroad.

“Trump’s new policy in Iraq will isolate most of the parties on the scene, as well as restructure and build the army and security services on a solid basis,” the report said.

“The president is serious about carrying out his electoral promises and will work to restore the areas affected by Iraq’s oil money and money abroad after being confiscated from officials and returned to the state treasury,” she said.

Reports indicate that “the signs of these plans seemed looming in the horizon where contracts were contracted with groups of Awakening to protect the border strip between Iraq and Syria, in addition to the presence of American soldiers in Anbar armed with weapons and equipment to build camps in them.”

“Trump’s advisers seek to postpone the elections and reduce Iranian influence and popular mobilization in Iraq,” she said.

It seems that the US move toward Iraq is suspicious. Moreover, after the intimidation and threats of President Donald Trump about his country’s policy toward Iraq, Iraq itself, which he called “Harvard for terrorism,” as well as his praise of Saddam Hussein, and that the invasion of Iraq ” The worst decision “in US history, the scene has changed a lot.

Iraq is open to American “Paradise”. Iraq is excluded from the ability of the Immigration Prevention Act to leave the Iraqis through the announcement by the US Administration of President Trump’s second Executive Order from the list of those banned from entering America.

In the midst of these statements remains the Iraqi position is not clear from the new Trump policy, and there will be a unified national position of Iraqi politicians in the face of Trump, the political blocs each trying to go to the United States of America for the purpose of presenting her point of view as previously with Bush and Obamaā€¯

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