US Presidential Candidate Trump Refused to Release his Tax Returns


Donald Trump the candidate from Republican Party has refused to release his tax returns publically. Tim Kaine the vice president candidate for Democratic Party criticized the act of Trump and considered it as against the election laws of United States of America. Hillary Clinton released her 40 years Tax returns publically that shows she is not afraid of anything.

She has neat and clean character and financial history in United States. Many of Republican Party members also against the act of Trump for not showing his tax return in the public. The behavior of trump is destroying the worth of Republican Party in the country and they are continually losing the popularity in the country. The down graph of the party popularity is the major concern for the republicans.

The Republican Party is also facing internal disputes because of severe irrational statements from Donald Trump. The party members are complaining about the popularity of the party and their own worth publically. Some of them are asking to withdraw the decision of nominating trump as president of the party. Some senior journalists say that the behavior of Trump is irresponsible, rude and irrational to be the president of United States of America. This is because of his irresponsible behavior that Republican Party losing its popularity in the four major states of the country. The position of the republican candidate was always seen so strong in such states but the situation is looking different today.


While addressing in the Hamper shire city of United States, the vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine said that Trump has no political background and he does not understand it completely. He said Trump cannot care for anyone as he is not a political worker and therefore he does not understands the pains of the people. He is just a businessman who only cares about his money. He said Hillary and politics are synonym to each other. Her long struggle is before everyone.

She serviced the country for years on different positions nationally and internationally. She loves her people and wanted to do something for them in the world. She has revealed her forty years tax returns publically that shows her worth in the politics of United States of America. On the other hand, Trump first made different lame excuses and then refused to reveal his returns.

It definitely shows that he is hiding something from people of United States or there is something that he does not want the people could know about it. The common perception about this matter is that the Trump did not pay his tax properly in USA and now trying to hide it from general public.

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