Turkish and U.S Raids on Syria Stopped due to Russia Deployed S400 Defense System



The Russian Sputnik and the Sabbath site have confirmed that the Turkish and the U.S Air Forces has stopped air strikes in the territory of Syria.

Because the Russian government has installed the air defense missiles system S-400 for the air defense in Humaimam at the Syrian base. This air defense system is considered the most effective, terrible, powerful and deadly missiles system. The report also said that the radar system of these missiles covering the entire territory of Syria and any kind of object fly in the air space of Syria. It also covers the western regions of Iraq, Jordan and Israel and northern side Sinai, Egypt.

It is important these missiles have the capability to cover a large area of Turkish air space including the eastern part of Mediterranean and entire Ankara. The report confirmed that Russian government has installed and deployed the S-400 deadly missile system in order to provide more powerful air defense system in the Syrian air space. This step was taken after the incident when a Turkish fighter jet F-16 shoots down the Russian jet fighter Sukhoi 24 by targeting missile in the air space of Syria. This modern Russian missile system has the capability to identify the Russian Airplanes as friendly and can destroy any other harmful target.

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