Turkish man sent to jail for 108 years for sexually assaulting Syria children


Dogan news agency indicated that a 29 years old Turkish man Erdal E had been working as a cleaner at the refugee camp in Nizip near the Syrian border in the province of southern Gaziantep. He was convicted for sexually assaulting at least 8 children in the toilets of the camp

in exchange for payments between 1.5 to 5 Turkish Lira. A Turkish court has sent him into jail for 108 years for sexually assaulting 8 Syrian children in a refugee camp. His defense had asked earlier that his confession had been made under captivity. But on Friday, the judges in the southern city court of Nizip entirely disallowed the arguments and made a decision to throw him into jail for 108 years.

Turkish man Jaild for 108 years

The Hurriyet daily news indicated that the victim blamed during trial that he had been made a Scapegoat to hide crimes of others and to avoid a major scandal. He added that he knows the names of a number of managers and workers performing duties in the camp that are involved in sexually assault crimes. But, he said that he will not disclose any name because the security reasons to his own family. The Nizip refugee camp has been considered a home of more than 10,800 Syrian refugees. This camp has been visited by a number of international big-guns and high level officials to the Nizip camp and its neighboring camps. The German Chancellor Angela Markel also visited Nizip camp & other camps for Syrian refugees in the month of April 2016.

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