Turkish Shelling for Second Day at Kurdish Positions in Syria


On Sunday, Kurdish-held positions at Northern Syria shelled by Turkey for second day. The current multi-sided combat situation in the region has become more complicated.

This situation also raising concerns internationally that last five year’s war is getting out of control. Turkish State media has confirmed that a large number of Kurdish Fighters have been killed in the current bombing. Turkey government warned the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party to pull back its fighters from Menagh Air Base and the area that was taken last week from the Syrian opposition groups. The Syrian opposition rebellions included the Al-Qaeda associated Nusra Front escaped from the Menagh Air Base and the Russian Air Strikes affected areas.

It is important that the U.S provided support for Kurdish opposition forces in Syria. The spokesman of U.S State Department James Kirby said that United States forced Turkey to stop shelling and bombardment. The U.S also advised PYD not to get benefit of current changing situation and capture more area in the Syrian territory. Kirby said in a statement that the U.S has focused at the situation in the North of Aleppo and United States is working to freeze the tension for all sides. France also said that Turkey is making the situation more critical in the Northern Syria. The Syrian government made an advance move around the Aleppo city and large number of Russian Air strikes forced thousands of people to move towards Turkish border. The French Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Sunday that Turkey should immediately stop shelling in the Kurdish zone. The Syrian government also called the UN Security Council to take immediate action against Turkey.

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