Two Hundred Years Old Iraq Medicine Market


Iraq is the country struggling hard to rebuild its country with the continuous war with the ISIS militants. The infrastructure of the country is completely ruined due to this war. The schools, hospitals, universities, roads, bridges and all other things are destroyed.

Iraq will have to build everything from initial level. There was a time when Iraq had better medical facilities in the cities and big towns. Though they were not according to international standards yet they were enough to support its country people with the ease and comfort. The situation in the country is so alarming according to health and medical facilities. Some of the international firms and agencies are working to provide health and medical facilities to the Iraq people but their number is too small in the country to fulfill the whole country needs.

World Bank and UNO are playing vital role in the development of health and medical facilities in the country. They are also appealing the other countries of the world to support Iraq in the recent critical situation. Red Cross and US Aid are operating in the country to help the injured and diseased persons in the camp hospitals. The air strikes on Iraq launched by United States of America in 2001-2004 destroyed many of its hospitals in the different areas of the country.

2 Hundred years Old Medicine market of Iraq

To fulfill the medical needs in the country, people are forced to buy cheap old medicines from Kut medicine market of Iraq. Situated in the oldest city of Iraq Kut, the medicine market is one of the most visited medicine market of the country. People are buying old medicines from this market without any prescription of the doctor. It is just like a self medication that often harms people health instead of curing any disease. The store owners are sitting on a chair or an empty place in the store.

The store is loaded with the medicine openly available in the store. The natural medicines available in the stores are cheap and available for almost all diseases. According to a research, more than 3000 kinds of natural medicines are available in such stores to sell openly to the customers. The people say that their body is now habitual for these medicines and new medicines available in the hospitals are useless for them. They believe they feel comfort after using these medicines and they are not harmful as well.

Contrary to this, the experts believe these medicines are harmful for the people and statistics show that most of people are affected by such medicines. They are available in the open environment without any protection from germs. World need to help Iraq in the situation like this.

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