Two Men Arrested dealing in counterfeit Iraqi Dinar currency


Our authentic source informed that Police headquarter of Wasit province announced on Wednesday that Iraqi security forces have arrested two Iraqi citizens with a baggage of counterfeit Iraqi Dinar currency after a successful operation carried out by the security forces in the North of Al-Koot.

The source further added that local police and anti-criminal intelligence agencies deployed a targeted operation and arrested two suspects in the district of Al-Swera located 135 km North of Al-Koot. This operation took place when anti-criminal agencies encountered some bogus Iraqi dinar coins from Iraqi local markets and arrested two men after a successful operation.

The source confirmed but avoided to disclose name that a large number of local and provincial police force captured two men after getting information by the intelligence agencies that some dealers are dealing in selling and buying of counterfeit Iraqi dinar currency and the presence of fake currencies in the local currency markets. Source also pointed out that the suspects were captured and moved to an unknown destination for further investigation. It is important that the operations of Counterfeit currency are being managed by some national and international organized criminal gangs. Those gangs are also participating in destroying the Iraqi economy.

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