U.S Air Force Bombing Killed More than 20 Iraqi Soldiers



The Chairman of the Iraqi Parliamentary Defense and Security Committee Zamili issued a press statement and blamed the U.S Air force for an airstrike and bombing on the headquarters of Iraqi army Brigade in the south of Fallujah.

The Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi also called for a quick investigation regarding this incident. Zamili further added in his statement that we have demanded a quick investigation from the Iraqi Prime Minister regarding this unexpected bombing by the U.S air force on one of the Iraqi army brigade in the southern sector of Fallujah. He further added that Brigade 55 of the Iraqi army was targeted in Naemeya area in the southern part of Fallujah by the U.S aviation. More than 20 soldiers of Iraqi army have been killed and at least 35 were wounded in this unfortunate and unexpected bombing attack by the U.S air force.

Zamili further added that Iraqi army brigade 55 has achieved a great victory in this region against the militants and Daash organization. He also pointed out that a number of parliament members and leading persons in the popular crowd also blamed time to time that American soldiers and American air force is helping Daash organization. Point to be noted that Zamili indicated on 10th February 2015 that there are a number of documents, photographs and evidences showing that U.S air force in the international coalition is acting as secondary support for Daash organization. He added that we have solid evidences that are indicating that the U.S aircrafts have dropped weapons, supplies and aid material to the Daash organization.

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