U.S Congress Approved for Arming the Peshmerga Fighters



The Foreign Relations Committee in the Congress of United States has approved to equip directly the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters.

Some authentic international media sources informed that the U.S Congress has officially permitted the project for directly arming the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. The Chairman of the Foreign Relation Committee Ed Royce and a member of the committee Eliot Engel are considered as most senior and experienced persons. They allowed this project last year for arming the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, but faced a strong refusal from the Iraqi House of Representatives.

The Foreign Relations Committee in the U.S Congress has approved that it is the main objective of the United States to equip the Kurdish Peshmerga security forces in order to destroy terrorist groups and Daash. The United States is arming the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters with most effective and latest weapons such as anti-tank missiles and shields. He added that the United States has decided to provide handsome military support to the government of Iraq, Sunni tribes and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. Most of the religious, political and social circles are showing their reactions that this decision was the start of harsh disintegration in the country. But, a number of Iraqi Parliamentarians described it as an important step for simplification of strategic partnership between Iraq and the United States.

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