U.S Dollar showed a significant rise, will there be IQD Revaluation?


The U.S dollar has showed its highest level of increase for the last two months. The value of the U.S dollar rose after resumed the head of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen door opened with an increase in the rate for the coming months.

It was said in Boston that increasing interest rates would be specific to the coming months. It will be happened after picking up the economic growth which is expected with its continuous improvement in the labor market. Most of the Iraqi dinar investors believe that it would not reflect any major impact on the Iraq dinar exchange rate against the U.S dollar. But, dinar gurus predicted that it would increase fluctuation in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against most of the major international currencies.

U.S dollar rise

Point to be noted that the U.S dollar index rose at 0.6 percent to 95.746, it has been considered the highest level since 29th March 2016. The Euro showed a decline and fell to 1.111 U.S dollars and showed its lowest level since 16th March 2016. The U.S dollar also rose against the Japanese Yen to 110.26 Yen, but it showed the continuous lower to the highest level in the past three weeks and it was stuck at 110.60 Yen on Friday. Most of the Iraqi dinar currency investors predicted that investors will prefer to Sell Iraqi Dinar because continuous fluctuation is showing a significant increase in the U.S dollar in the coming couple of weeks. They advised not to Buy Iraqi Dinar until the consistency in the U.S dollar exchange rate against Iraqi dinar. They rejected the issue of Iraqi Dinar Revaluation due the critical economic and financial condition in Iraq.

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