U.S Magazine Predicts possible Wars in 10 Countries in 2016


An assault convoy of trucks and amored vehicles of the101st Airborne Division's 3rd Brigade Combat Team prepare to cross into Iraq Friday, March 21, 2003. (AP Photo/Robert Woodward, US Army)

The U.S magazine has published a ‘Foreign Policy’ list of the United States with 10 points during the war in 2016.

These points are being considered the most valuable in the world especially among the most dominant areas in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Southern Sudan, Chad and Libya and Afghanistan. The magazine also indicated that internal conflict between PKK and Ankara in Turkey has been increased and creating serious situation. A number of analysts predicted that they believe anger of the people would increase in the countries where security situation is severe and the South China Sea, which is a disputed issue between both China and the United States and it would also increase new problems.

The magazine also predicted regarding the possible factors to improve the situation in the settlement area of the army conflict in the year 2016. The involvement of militant groups will not allow their thoughts and targets to settle the war condition through peaceful dialogues. The magazine also pointed out that there is a need to enhance the diplomatic efforts globally in order to provide the least conceivable possibility to make settlement. It is also said that time has come to give up the conception because there is not perfect plan to manage the global system, or there should be a settlement to handle the situation in any country in the world, so we need to fight against terrorism and extremism.

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