U.S President and Iraqi Prime Minister Discussed on Serious Matters



On Saturday, the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi issued a statement and confirmed that the President of the United States Barak Obama made a contact to Haider Al Abadi and assured that the U.S administration acknowledge the Iraqi self-determination.

The office of the Prime Minister further added in their press statement that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi and the U.S President Barak Obama discussed on Friday in a teleconference and stressed empowering the bilateral collaboration between Iraq and the United States in a number of Iraqi sectors and to cooperate in the war on terrorism especially against Daash organization.

Bothe leaders discussed on achieved targets by the U.S troops, Iraqi security forces, popular crowd, Peshmerga forces and Iraqi police in the different battle fields in the country especially in Baiji. They also discussed on the overall general and security condition in the region. It is also added in the statement that Iraqi Prime Minister emphasized on the magnitude of the international community cooperating Iraqi in the war against terrorism and terrorists of Daash, and achieved targets despite of experiencing a number of challenges. The statement pointed out that Iraq is much struggling for self-determination and need to get back every inch in their territory.

The U.S President confirmed for their complete support for the Iraqi government and their people especially in the fight against Daash terrorists. He also added that Iraqi security forces and popular crowed are showing remarkable achievements in the operations in Ramadi and Baiji areas. He also said that the U.S administration is showing consideration for self-determination of Iraq and its regional honor. He added that United States would continue to assist Iraq in order to overcome the current economic and financial crisis.

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