U.S Spies Arrested in Iran: Iranian Official



According to the Iranian Prime Foundation to detect cash packing, Brigadier General Muhammad Reza issued a statement that the they have arrested the American spies from our country.

They were accepting instructions of the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry by using negotiators in order to collapse the system of confinement in Iran. He said in his speech on Friday in Tehran that we have found that John Kerry was personally supervising all the planning, direction and management of 34 plans to knock down the country’s government. He also added that the United States has included more than 2 billion dollars in their secret budget in order to destabilize the Iranian government.

Point to be noted that more than 200 million of the budget have been spent by the orders of John Kerry directly. The Iranian officials stressed that the United States has adventured to destabilize Iran to harmonize with initializing of negotiations with the side system in Iran. He added that this issue has become most important when confessions made by recently captured spies. The Brigadier further added that they used the way of tourism to enter in the country and they planned for demonstrations in the country. One of their plans was disturbances in the streets of Iran during the election period to destabilize the Iranian government.

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