United Nations Agreed to help Iraq to Recover Looted Money



The United Nations has offered help to bring back Iraqi smuggled and stolen money from banks in different countries.

A press statement issued by the Public Integrity Agency Commission that the United Nations is agreed to support Iraq in the fight against corruption, smuggling and money laundering. It is also said that UN representative to Iraq Jan Kubis offered UN cooperation for Iraq in order to bring back their stolen or smuggled money abroad.

It is also added by the UN Integrity Commission that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi, Judiciary and institutions are performing positive role since August last year in the fight against corruption and the execution of the trial against corrupt persons. He stressed that it would not be more helpful without cooperation of all Iraqi political blocs. So, all Iraqi political blocs and institutions should help the Iraqi government to bring back Iraqi looted money abroad.

The legal proceedings and its implementations are much necessary and all the fake projects should be stopped immediately to stabilize the Iraqi economy. A number of Iraqi former officials are involved in money laundering and smuggling money abroad, but United Nations is looking to help Iraq to get back their assets to the country.

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