United States funded for Panama documents: Wiki Leaks


The website”Wiki Leaks” exposed a private scandal related to the documents of “Panama” regarding a company “Mossack Fonseca”. Wiki Leaks confirmed that these documents are showing a direct involvement of the U.S government and funded directly by an American billionaire George Soros.

The Wiki Leaks disclosed by its Twitter account and indicated an undeniable involvement of a large number of political representatives and heads in different countries in the world. The facts are indicating that all the scenarios were generated against Russia and targeted the Russian President Vladimir Putin. On 6th April 2016, Wiki Leaks published a tweet on its Twitter account and explained that “Panama documents” described that this project was started in order to monitor the corruption and financial attack with organized crimes, specifically against Putin.

Wiki Leaks

These documents mentioned that the major target was Russia and the former Soviet republicans. It was said that financial funding was provided by the agency “International Development of America”. This statement confirms that this project collected direct funding by the U.S government. Wiki Leaks also mentioned that there are at least three thousand American legal resident personalities that were exposed off in the Panama leaves. It is important that these documents mentioned at least nine thousand people from all around the world that are involved in the financial corruption. The Wiki Leaks spokesman stressed in a press statement that these documents were leaked by an unknown hacker of “Mossack Fonseca” company. Most of the media channels in the world published this shocking news on 3rd April 2016 about investigation based information of more than 11.5 million papers and these documents contains a large number of current and former heads and leaders in the world. These documents clearly mentioned their involvement in smuggling and money laundering.

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