United States is Looking to Deploy More U.S Troops in Iraq: U.S Defense Secretary


U.S Def Secretary

The Iraqi government issued a statement that Iraq doesn’t need more U.S armed forces for battle fields in Iraqi territory. This Iraqi decision came just after the statement of U.S Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter in which he declared to increase U.S armed forces in Iraq.

Carter said that landing of the U.S forces will be launched for the time being in the process for releasing the hostages of Kurdish forces from the prison of Bahoijh that is under the control of Daash organization. The spokesman of the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office Saad Al Hadithi said in a press statement that any kind of military operation in Iraqi territory should be done by the government of Iraq including the air strikes by U.S and coalition forces.

Al Hadithi also commented on the statement of Washington about increasing wild activities by terrorists in Iraq that Iraqi government didn’t make further request to the U.S Department of Defense for the involvement of direct operations because we have large amount of troops on the battle fields in Iraq. We don’t think that we need more troops for our military operations on the ground, but the logistical support is progressively growing and it is harmless to the combine collaboration between America and Iraq.

We consider that any kind of ground operation in Iraq by non-Iraqi forces would be disadvantageous, but we need more aid in different areas in the country. He added that we currently have more than 3300 U.S troops in Iraq to assist and train Iraqi security forces. The United States earlier said that they don’t have any plan to fight for long term on the land of Iraq and the U.S troops would continue to assist and train our security forces in the country.

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