United States is protecting oil smuggling to Turkey from Daash: Russia



The Russian Defense Ministry issued a press statement after the surprised statements of the American officials.

The spokesman of the Russian Defense Ministry Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said in a press statement that the American officials said they didn’t find that how can we consider the oil is being smuggled to Turkey by the Daash organization. According to the Russian agency ‘Sputnik’, it is simply a scheming because it looks like much similar to provide a direct way for smuggling. The Russian Defense Ministry has issued a statement indicating three major possible ways for oil supply sold by the Daash organization illegally and all these three routes are at the Turkish border from Iraq and Syria.

The spokesman of the U.S State Department previously said that claiming images published by the Russian military is showing the original photographs of hundreds of oil tankers belonging to Daash. But he stressed that we didn’t recognize the photographs about the crossing point that what is the original location of Syrian-Turkey border. Igor Konashenkov responded against the comments of the U.S State Department that it is foolish to monitor the movement of tankers across the border because we didn’t publish the moving images. The Russian military officials said that Russian Defense Ministry published the satellite images and these images are proving that filled oil tankers are crossing the Turkish border with a very high speed without any kind of interruption at the crossing point.

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