Urgent meeting between Iraqi President & Interior Minister


The President of Iraq Fuad Masum admired the recent victories especially the aggressive operation launched on Monday early in the morning, against Daash organization and other terrorist groups caused the liberation of Fallujah city.

The Presidential statement informed that the Iraqi President met with the Iraqi Interior Minister Muhammad Ghaban and a number of ministry’s senior officers at his home in Baghdad. They discussed the overall political situation and its development in the country. They also discussed about recent victories against terrorism in the country. The Iraqi President admired the great victory of Fallujah city and complete termination of Daash organization from the area. They discussed about the performance of Iraqi security forces and to enhance the capabilities in the fight against terrorism.

Iraqi President and Interior minister

The operations commander of Fallujah liberation Lt. Gen Abdul-Wahhab Al-Saadi issued a press statement and declared that Iraqi security forces made successful operations early in the Monday morning 62 km west of Baghdad and eliminated Daash organization from Fallujah city. He further added that Iraqi security forces have liberated Fallujah from all sides by destroying the defensive lines in the eastern and southern sides of Daash organization. He stressed that next few hours would bring more good news. He added that various types of security services were participated in the operations especially the powerful air support of different allies.

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