US bombing targeted a convoy belonging to the popular crowd


On Monday,  The Brigades of the Martyrdom of the martyrs, the bombing of US troops positions on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and indicated that it will not be silent about it, called the factions to meet and respond appropriately.

“After the American forces announced that the Iraqi-Syrian border is a red line, the Popular Popular Forces or others should not get close to it,” said a statement from the Brigades, which was seen by Sky Press. Border and opposite Akashat. ”

He added that the bombing “led to the fall of large numbers of martyrs and wounded, for the use of smart ammunition, as they expressed in their statement issued on Monday morning, where they claimed that they bombed the smart artillery sites supposed to Daish on the Iraqi-Syrian border, and we know they are targeting us, And sons of reference.

The battalions carried the US military “the consequences of this work, which will not be silent, but we call on the competent authorities, especially the Iraqi government to open a large investigation into this despicable work,” stressing that “we declare that this work will not go unpunished, we call for the protection of the Iraqi-Syrian border , And deny the Americans to invest these limits to pass their agendas malicious to pass the killers and break the line of resistance Sharif.

The statement called for “an urgent meeting of the leaders of the Islamic resistance factions in Iraq to consider the appropriate response and to exchange views on this treacherous criminal act.”

Sources in the popular crowd have confirmed that an American bombardment targeted a convoy of the popular crowd on the Iraqi-Syrian border in the Akashat region, which lies in western Iraq in Anbar province between the district of 160 km and the city of Arba.

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