US report: Iran will take revenge from Saudi Arabia!!


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Iran may order allied Shi’ite groups in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain to respond to Tehran’s attack, which took place two days ago and accused Iran of being behind him, the Washington Institute for Near East Studies said.

The institute ruled in a study published on its website yesterday evening that Tehran is carrying out overt military operations against Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, pointing out that the Iranian authorities will continue what he described as a “game of responsibility” for those attacks to serve their objectives.

“Iran is expected to increase support for the operations of Shiite militias inside Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, which are likely to include the implementation of bold attacks against major cities and government institutions in those countries,” the report said.

He pointed out that Iran will exploit the dispute between Qatar and other Gulf countries to strengthen its activity in the region, pointing to reports that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard provided protection to Emir of Qatar after the outbreak of the Gulf crisis.

The Institute predicted that Iran would use Tehran’s attacks to expand its military presence in Syria and Iraq, pointing to Tehran’s insistence on opening a direct route to support its allies in Syria and Lebanon.

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