US to Deploy More Soldiers to Regain the City of Mosul


The city of Mosul is the center of focus in Iraq these days. Iraq is struggling hard to regain Mosul city from ISIS militants but the war strategies were useless till the date. The security forces of Iraq claimed some achievements in the region but they are not as big to celebrate. Mosul is the operational head quarter of militants these days. The ISIS militants are gathered at Mosul after retreating from different cities of the country.

The air strikes from coalition forces played vital role to retreat them to the Mosul only. Contrary to the other regions of the country, the war position of the militants is stronger in the Mosul. According to Iraq security forces, they cannot control those militants alone and US government will have to take part against these militants unless they spread in the world.

The head of Iraq security forces and defense minister of Iraq requested US government to send troops in the city to fight against ISIS militants in the Mosul. After analyzing the present situation of the country, the President of USA Barack Obama agree to send 560 troops to the city of the Mosul to fight against ISIS militants. The defense secretary of Obama Administration who sent all US soldiers back to their country in 2011, asked Obama to send them back again in the Mosul.


The Iraq security forces have regained the control of the southern airbase of Mosul that is 40 miles away from city. All these soldiers will be sent to the airbase and all war planning will be made in the air base. According to recent media reports, the city will be mapped in three different parts and different forces will attack Mosul from all four corners of the region to destroy the fighting position, tactical units of militants and their bases.

The war experts believe this war will not be easier for Iraq security forces to regain control. The militants of ISIS have also designed their strategies to fight against all these forces. The initial reports show that Iraq security forces, Peshmerga of Kurdistan, US coalition forces and newly deployed troops will take part in the operation against ISIS to retake city control. According to initial reports, these troops will not take part in direct war between Iraq security forces and militants of ISIS but it will assist Iraqi forces in providing logistics supports.

Logistics support is the major thing that can make or break the whole operation. Iraq security forces will not be able to handle the logistics support during war. Therefore US soldiers will be there to support Iraq forces to regain the control of the Mosul.

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