US to Fight for Iran in Iraq


The Iraqi ground is full of Iranian fighters. Media reports say that more than hundred thousand Iranian soldiers are fighting on the Iraqi ground. This number shows the future strategies of Iran in Iraq. They are definitely the big enemy of United States and they are looking better influence in Iraq. The defense experts believe that United States of America is fighting the war for Iran more than Iraq. Lt. Col. Ralph Peters the military analyst defined the purpose of the mission in Iraq.

He said our purpose in Iraq is to promote Iran and its strategies in Iraq. We are feeding our enemies so that they could stand before us in the region. The military analyst criticized the modern US war strategy in the region and considers it against the interests of American people.

He said we are supporting Iran on every bomb we drop in the Iraq especially in the Mosul. In this situation providing the weapon to Iraqi forces is just to provide weapon to the Iranian military. The Militia Army fighting in the Iraq is backed by Iran and thousands in number. The military analyst further said that the total number of militia was not disclosed by the government of Iraq. It was considered that total; number of militia is only 100-500 in Iraq and most of them are fighting in Fallujah.

Kurdish Fighters

They are at secreting mission to clean the Iraq from Sunni Muslims in the region to design a strong and dangerous alliance against the world especially against United States of America. He further said Iran is the Shiite government, Iraq is the Shiite Government and when we see the Syria is also under Shiite administration. All of them are cleaning their ground from Sunni Muslims to join hands together against Saudi Arabia and Europe as well. They will include Lebanon in their group and its jihadist group Hezbollah.

He said we are helping Iran to complete his future mission against us. We asked the possible solution of this problem, the Peter said we should instantly withdraw our security forces from Iraq region and let Iraq security forces and Iranian soldiers to fight against ISIS. We need to let them kill each other and result will be in our favor because both of them are our enemies.

The Peter further said ISIS is not a very big threat for us because they are only handful in the region. The big problem for United States of America is Iran and its future alliance. We must not forget that Russia is our big enemy and it is always hungry for power. Iran is the big alliance of Russia and we are helping Iran, how fool we are.

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