US to Sign Military Coordination Memorandum of Understanding with Kurdistan


After successful coordination with Iraq security forces, The US Secretary of Defense Ms. Elissa Slotkin signed an agreement with Kurdistan to enhance the military coordination between both countries. According to this agreement, the Kurdistan security forces will share intelligence information with US forces to launch air strikes on terrorists in Kurdistan and its surrounding.

The Kurdistan Peshmerga is considered as one of the top intelligence agencies in the Middle East and they give a statement regarding ISIS in Mosul . The Kurdish army is fighting with ISIS with in different areas of the country. The economy of Kurdistan is better than Baghdad because of better security situation in the country. ISIS is trying to get control on the Kurd Turkey border to control the oil fields of the region.

The Kurd Army is defeating the ISIS on every battle field but it is so difficult to defeat militants without help of US air strikes. Kurdistan does not have any air force to strike the militants from air. That’s the reason; they are looking to get aid from US air forces to defeat these militants. The war experts believe that air strikes in Kurdistan will not be so useful because there is no any camp of militants in Kurdistan. We can also say that there is no any known military camp of these ISIS militants in Kurdistan. The area is surrounded by hills and forest that provide safe escape for these militants.


They live in different cities of Kurdistan just like a civilian. After attack on different security agencies, they escape in the cities just like a civilian living in the city with peace. Therefore, it is a challenge for Kurdistan Peshmerga to recognize such militants and arrest them. To handle this kind of situation, the intelligence sharing will be the key to success for Kurdistan and Iraq as well. The scope of intelligence share will be more effective and fruitful after coordination with US Forces.

Some experts believe the coordination of USA and Kurdistan security agencies is not fruitful when USA is not ready to send its troops in Iraq to fight on ground. USA is only ready to do air strikes on militants on intelligence basis. In the Kurdistan, the air strike on just a militant will not be suitable. It will only destroy the peace in the region and people will afraid from visiting Kurdistan.

Kurdistan is the region famous for its tourism activities and Kurdistan is not willing to destroy its tourism industry. According to recent survey report, till 2014 the total number of tourists in the region was 3 million every year. Now the situation is little different and Kurdistan is trying regain its past.

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