Various Laws will be discussed in today’s First Legislative Session


Government of Iraq

The first session of the House of Representatives will be started today for the second lawmaking term,

in which a number of important laws will be discussed that were prepared in the presence of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi in the meetings with parliamentary committees. MP Jabbar Abdul Khaliq Al Abadi said that there are a number of laws to be discussed and all or some of them will be approved, but we are expecting the Civil Service Law has its own importance and it would be approved with majority. He added that there are various bills and the commission is studying on them and the Civil Service Law is one of them. The Law of Accountants and Auditors would also be finalized in this period of time.

Khaliq Al Abadi further added that the appeal will be discussed in this session presented by the Iraqi government regarding some transfers executed by the commission in a paragraph of the federal budget 2016, in spite of negotiating with the Iraqi government prior to its approval. He added that the objection of the Iraqi government, because the transfer of expenses from the Iraqi ministries, but the Council stressed that it was necessary and it was in the best interest of the country. It is important that Head of Iraqi House of Representatives Saleem Al Jubouri also announced last Sunday that first session of the Iraqi parliament will be held on Tuesday.

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