Very difficult time for Abadi in finding perfect minister for his Cabinet: Al-Hajj


A deputy from the Iraqi coalition forces issued a press statement that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi asked its allies to suggest the names for new cabinet ministers, but the selection should be done very sensibly by checking his dedication and his background regarding corruption.

The MP Ahmad Al-Mashhadni said in his press statement that Al-Abadi managed a meeting with coalition forces yesterday, but amazingly he found a lack of vision when he asked to suggest the names of new ministers for new Iraqi cabinet of ministers. He further added that Alliance selected a minister, but he found corrupt and doesn’t deserve for this position. He also pointed out that it is considered the major reason for not finalizing the list of new ministers. Al-Mashhadni further added that it the issue of selection of new ministers for cabinet moves to the Iraqi Parliamentary Political Blocs then it is supposed that new ministers would have an assessment according to their work performance and dedication to work as a minister.

It will be confirmed that selected person for minister post doesn’t have any corruption case because a minister is responsible for taking decisions according to his capabilities. He added that Al-Abadi still don’t have a final list of new ministers to execute the administrative reform process. Most of the financial and economic experts believe that new Iraqi cabinet will be more competent and free of corruption. It will also help in stabilizing the Iraqi economy and to bring more foreign investment in the country. A large number of Iraqi dinar investors said that it is the perfect time to buy Iraqi dinar currency. Investment in the Iraqi dinar currency would give you remarkable profit after stabilizing Iraqi financial and economic condition, as all the indicators are showing positive sign in the near future.

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