Visit of the U.S Secretary of State on 8th April 2016 has its own importance: Experts


Our source informed that the U.S Secretary of State John Kerry will arrive on Friday in the capital Baghdad on a short-time and one day visit to Iraq.

source further added in a press interview that during his visit, he will supposedly meet with the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and a number of senior Iraqi officials in order to discuss the security issues and development in the fight against the ISIS and Daash organization, especially to discuss the issues regarding in building a new Iraqi cabinet of ministers. This visit has considered as a part of the political and military support for Iraqi, which provided by the United States in the war against terrorism and Daash organization.

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The statements of the U.S government officials and Congress members have indicated that the visit of John Kerry is much dedicated to the support of reforms in Iraq. The office of the Iraqi Prime Minister issued a statement that Haider Al-Abadi received a phone-call from the U.S Vice President Joe Biden. Both leaders discussed on the developments in the Iraqi political and security situations. They discussed about the major achievements against Daash organization and other militant groups. Both sides agreed in providing political stability by the international support for the expected plans for the economic reforms in order to decrease and eliminate the financial issues and challenges.

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