Voting on Federal Court Act Tomorrow 18 February


On Wednesday, the Iraqi Parliamentary Legal Committee has announced that voting for the legal implementation of the Iraqi Federal Court Law for the settlement of financial disputes will be held tomorrow on Thursday 18th February.

A member of the Legal Committee MP for citizen bloc Salim Chawki said in a statement and pointed out that allegations regarding the Federal Court Act have been resolved and for the selection of Sharia & Law scholars. The issues of positions for the President and his deputies for the Court and their service duration from 12 to 6 years have been resolved. He also pointed out that for the voting of Federal Court Act a mechanism will be used as two-third of the Council’s members or more of their members.

The statement further indicated that this law has its own importance because financial corruption in the country generated various economic and financial problems in the country. He said that general allow for re-trial of the suspect according to the confidential secret reports and the accountability for the family members of the suspects regarding the possibilities for moving the case against convicted corruption. He pointed out that Iraqi Political Forces and the National Alliance is much dedicated to destroy the issues of political terrorism by the implementation of new law. He added that the Iraqi House of Representatives will vote for the legal implementation of the Federal Court Act in the session on Thursday 18th February. It is important that entire mentioned disputes have been settled.

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