Washington has set New conditions for Iraq in the fight against Daash: Iraqi Army Officials


On Saturday, Iraqi Army officials issued a press statement that the United States needs positive development in the Iraqi Political reforms for future requirements in the cooperation for termination of terrorist groups and Daash organization.

He pointed out that war against terrorism is much dependent on the American Air strikes and Air support to cover Iraqi armed forces. An official of the Iraqi armed forces Colonel Muhammad Abdul Salam Al-Saadi said in a press interview that our armed forces are moving positively. Our security forces have entered in the major and stronghold area of Daash organization and our brave soldiers are breaking the main bone of Daash with the support of U.S Air Force. He also said that this year would be the end of Daash organization from Iraqi territory.

U.S air support in Iraq

Salam Al-Saadi stressed that complete elimination of Daash from Iraq would not be possible without the U.S military and Air Force support. He confirmed that the U.S administration has demanded the political reforms in the country for further cooperation in the fight against Daash organization. Another official from Iraqi Armored Brigade 3 in the province of Northern Salahuddin indicated that we are moving positively and the terrorist gangs and Daash organization are in a defensive position, but our entire victory depends on the U.S support. He confirmed that more than 250 terrorists were killed including top leaders of Daash since the start of this month. Khalid Al-Dulaimi also said in a press interview and confirmed that the U.S support in the fight against terrorism is linked to the political reforms in the country.

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