Washington imposed 3 conditions in the selection of Ministers for Iraqi Cabinet


Our authentic source close to the community of discussions regarding the formation of new Iraqi cabinet of technocrat ministers informed that the U.S pressure has confirmed that selected cabinet of ministers by Al-Abadi will be finalized and approved by the Iraqi House of Representatives.

Our source also confirmed that the special representative of the U.S President Barak Obama, Bert Macgork has put three essential conditions in front of the Iraqi Political blocs in order to pass and approve the new Iraqi cabinet of ministers. First condition was to keep hold of Al-Abadi as the Head of Iraqi government otherwise, after dismissal of Al-Abadi, the withdrawal of the U.S support against Daash organization will take place.

Iraq and the U.S flags

The final condition was restriction for Al-Abadi not to select technocrats from outside the political parties or any of the Iraqi Political blocs. This statement clearly mentioned that first two conditions are in the favor of Al-Abadi and it would provide a handsome support in forming the new Iraqi cabinet of ministers. But, the final condition is considered in the benefit of Iraqi political parties and political blocs. Most of the experts believe that it would allow Iraqi Prime Minister to form the new Iraqi cabinet in the specified given time. The Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Jubouri also announced the expected session for the approval and voting on the new Iraqi cabinet on 12th April 2016.

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