We reject Saudi poisoned aid for Anbar province: MP Siham


On Tuesday, MP Siham Al-Moussawi has refused the Saudi aid for displaced Iraqi people in the Anbar province. She pointed out that this aid will only inspire sectarian differences.

She added in a press interview that there is foreign interference and poisonous conspirators in the Iraqi internal affairs to provoke sectarian conflicts that happened in Iraq. She blamed that Saudi Arabia and Qatar generated Daash and fall of a number of provinces and explosions. Point to be noted that a Saudi airplane arrived yesterday carrying aid for the displaced people of Anbar province. It seems supportive aid by some parties for some specific parties in spite of the real fact that all Iraqi displaced people are experiencing same kinds of problems.

 Tension between Saudi and Iraq

Al-Moussawi further added that we reject this kind of poisoned aid from Saudi Arabia because Al-Saud is trying to blow-up agitation among Iraqi people in a number of ways. She pointed out that we want to raise their hands for Daash organization defrocked terrorist groups to kill Iraqi people, but not sent aid for Iraqi people and it can’t be change the real thoughts of Iraqi people. She blamed that there is a battle between Iraqi people and terrorist gangs carried out by Qatar and Saudi Arabia according to their paid scheme. She indicated that most critical situation can take place in the country due to the interference of Saudi ambassador in sparking against Shiite revolution. She stressed that the position of Iraqi government is not too strong in this regard. Point to be noted that Saudi embassy had announced last week that Saudi government would provide relief goods for displaced people of Anbar province.

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