We will conduct a referendum for “Kurdish State” before November 2016: Barzani



Authentic Kurdish source reported earlier that Masoud Barzani arranged a meeting of Kurdish political parties and said that we should conduct a referendum for the best interest and future of Kurdistan region.

It should be done before the start of the U.S Presidential Elections and it must be done before the end of Barak Obama’s presidential time period. The source also attended that meeting and Kurdish network media also reported that Barzani discussed with the Kurdish political parties in the meeting that we should arrange a referendum regarding the Kurdish future in order to declare the Kurdish State, but it must be completed before the start of Presidential Elections in the United States in the month of November 2016.

The head of the Kurdistan region Masoud Barzani hold a meeting with political parties in order to discuss the current financial crisis in the region. Point to be noted that Kparzan is nominated for the first President of the Kurdistan State due to his dedication and satisfaction in his work. He also addressed the political parties and announced formation of a committee of the KDP. This committee would meet with Patriotic Union and the Islamic Union in order to activate the parliament of Kurdistan region. Point to be noted that Israeli Justice Minister Elite Shaked advised the government of Israel to support in the establishment of independent Kurdish State according to the demand of Kurdish people.

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