We will eliminate the United States from World Map: North Korea



The news agency of North Korea published news that North Korean scientists and their technology is ready to blow up thousands and millions of tons nuclear bombs to erase the United States from the map of the world.

The Korean news agency published news that North Korean administration has made a successful experiment of Hydrogen bomb on 6th January 2016. This experiment took place in order to ensure the security of the country, but it was not to threaten or frustration. It would also allow securing the economic growth conditions in the country because it is directly related to strengthening the nuclear restrictions due to aggressive policies of the United States.

The news agency also pointed out that seventh conference of the ruling party also declared the importance of some specific nuclear test in the currency year. Kim Jong-Un, the leader of North Korea also announced and confirmed that the recently conducted nuclear test was the experiment of Hydrogen bomb, but not specifically the atom bomb. These kinds of experiment are necessary to avoid the expected nuclear war between North Korea and the United States. It is important that the U.S bombers flew over the South Korea because there is a U.S supporter country on the border of North Korea. The United States also confirmed that a number of bombers flew over the border of North Korea from South Korea due to it is considered one of the trustful allies of Washington. After the recent experiment by Pyongyang, the United States is reviewing the U.S army strength in South Korea.

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