We will impose Ban on Iran for their Ballistic Missile program: Barak Obama



The U.S President Barak Obama confirmed that Washington has reached successfully on an agreement with Tehran on Iranian nuclear program as it has passed by the American diplomatic bloc.

He also added that United States know that diplomatic boycott with Iranian government would not be beneficial for the United States. The U.S President further added in a press conference that we traveled all the tracks that permit Tehran to manufacture a nuclear bomb. This nuclear agreement between the United States and Iran would allow Tehran for accurate and perfect installations of Iranian nuclear program periodically and continuously. Barak Obama further added that the United States and Iran would cooperate to finish the financial contest which was unresolved for a number of years.

Barak Obama also stressed that there are still many other issues between both countries that should be resolved. Point to be noted that there is a huge issue between the United States and Iran regarding Israel, but the U.S needs to get benefits of this available opportunity in order to establish stronger relationships between both sides. He added that there was not positive talk from both sides for decades, but now we are making a better move in the better interests of the United States. The U.S President also said that America would continue to implement a ban on Iranian ballistic missile program. This speech of U.S President came just after the finalizing a deal of exchanging prisoners between the United States and Iran.

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