We Will Recover Looted Money Very Soon: Foreign Relations Committee


Recover Looted Money

On Tuesday evening, Abdul Bari Zebari, a member of the Iraqi Parliamentary Foreign Relations Committee has denied about the recovery of any kind of looted money from Iraq.

He further added in his press statement that continuous collaboration among the Parliamentary Committees can provide an important role for deportation of funds smuggled and looted from the country.

He also pointed out that the overall mental outlook of the current government is to focus for recovering the looted money by various ways. Zebari further added that this amount will be recovered by the Parliamentary Integrity Committee and especially by the executive body. He also added that Foreign Relations Committee continuously discussing with a number of countries, specifically with European countries to help Iraq in order to recover looted money and bring it back to Iraq.

It is also important that Iraqi Parliament hindered the attempt of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki by Parliamentary deputies as most of the deputies refused to accept the resignation of Hassan Sinead, a member of coalition of state law. After the acceptance for resignation of Sinead, Nuri Al Maliki could take the Post of Sinead, but Parliament deputies blocked the struggle of Nuri Al Maliki.

The Parliamentary source further added that former Iraqi Prime Minister made an attempt to come back in the Parliament by resignation of Sinead. Point to be noted that current step taken by the deputies of the parliament would open ways to the judicial trial for Nuri Al Maliki. Most of the experts believe that judicial trial of Al Maliki would start after completion of investigation report by the Iraqi Parliamentary Investigating Committee.

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