We will start proceeding against money laundering on 12th July 2016: Salim-Al Jubouri


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Bloc said that the decision in the case of Parliament by the Federal Supreme Court would restore the Iraqi House of Representatives at a normal level.

The MP from bloc Daudi said in a press interview that the decision about the Parliament sessions of 14th and 26th April considered as unclear and confused, so it logical termination is essential. He added that it would be in the best interest of Iraqi people under the resolution. The reshuffle has been cancelled by the protesters in the House of Representatives. It would allow all members to participate in the Parliament sessions as it was operational before the “sit-in” in the front of Iraqi Parliament. He added that all the members should accept the decision of Iraqi Federal Court and everyone should go back in the Iraqi Parliament and work according to the Iraqi constitution.

Speaker of Iraqi Parliament

It is important that Iraqi Federal Court made a decision of Tuesday that the sessions took place on 14th and 26th April were irrelevant, especially the Parliament session held on 26th April about reshuffle of Iraqi Cabinet was entirely unconstitutional due to it was conducted in conflicting constitutional atmosphere. The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri said that this decision would not affect his legal rights to reopen the criminal proceedings against the corruption and money laundering. He added that next parliament session will take place on 12th July 2016. He added that protesters in the House of Representatives should accept the decision of Iraqi Federal Court, but they are still stressing the dismissal of Iraqi Speaker.

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