Why Iraqi Parliament Denied Accepting the Resignation of Hassan Sinead?


Hassan Sinead

The Iraqi House of Representatives did not agree to give stamp for approval on the resignation request of Hassan Sinead, MP for the coalition of state law from his membership of the Minister’s Council.

A source from the Iraqi parliament informed that only 40 deputies voted on the request of Sinead for approval, but only 40 votes are not enough for the approval of his resignation.

The results of voting have been forwarded to the Parliament Legal Committee for further mental analysis. It is also said that Sinead did not win the 2014 Parliamentary election but he was an alternate for the former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki in the Parliament because he was nominated for the Vice President seat for the current Iraqi government.

MP Talal Zobaie the head of the Integrity Committee of the Parliament in the Iraqi Council of Representatives said that arrest warrant for 15 ministers and 122 Director general of the previous government of Nuri Al Maliki have been issued due to their attachment in corruption and cruel treatment with the wealth of Iraqi people. We have forwarded their files for further judicial process and initially we are waiting for 40 people for judicial trial including a number of ministers of previous government.

He added that arrest warrants have been issued but they surrendered and promised for their fair elimination according to the constitution. A source informed that former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki has a strong grip in the Iraqi militia that is fully equipped and trained by Iran.

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