Will Abadi be able to present a list of Ministers in the Parliament within 10 Days?


An important session of Iraqi House of Representatives was held in the presence of 287 deputies. This session was took place in order to vote for the administrative reforms and the members of House of Representatives voted to form a new cabinet within ten days.

The Iraqi Prime Minister will nominate the independent heads of Iraqi ministries. The Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Salim Al-Jubouri called this special session in order to discuss the issue of new Iraqi Cabinet. Haider Al-Abadi stressed in the Parliament session that Iraqi House of Representatives showed a handsome support in the past regarding reforms and to produce satisfactory results that are in the best interests of Iraq and Iraqi citizens. He also said that awareness in securing the stability, integrity and unity of the Iraqi institutions has its own importance.

Iraqi Prime Minister

Iraqi Prime Minister pointed out in the parliament that reshuffle of Iraqi cabinet is necessary and it is according to the demands of Iraqi people. He added that Iraq has been experiencing critical financial and economic crisis due to the continuous decline in the global oil prices. It also reflected negative impacts and decreased state’s revenues. He confirmed that government system needs better coordination and there is not any kind of anger, aggression or problem with any current minister, but the current situation is moving through a new phase. He stressed that Iraqi government will be unable to succeed without integration and coordination with the House of Representatives. He pointed out that we have lack of candidates for necessary change in the cabinet and the Iraqi Parliamentary political blocs only provided two names, but didn’t provide the complete list that is essential for this partial change. It is important that Iraqi Parliament has voted for the expected change and Al-Abadi will present a list of new ministers within 10 days in the House of Representatives.

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