Will Abadi lose his PM Post by changing Iraqi Cabinet of Ministers?


A number of political analysts have predicted that rearrangement or reshuffle the Iraqi cabinet might be harmful for the government and Haider Al-Abadi may lose his job.

Most of the political analysts pointed out that some Iraqi political blocs would struggle against the expected attempts by the Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi for replacement or changing the Iraqi ministers. It is important that most of the ministers were appointed with their political backgrounds and this step could be last reform by the current Iraqi government. The Iraqi Prime Minister said a couple of days ago that he needs a fundamental and technical change in his cabinet which was formed in 2014.

A large number of Iraqi politicians and diplomats said that expected change may include the ministries of Industry, Finance, Transport and Iraqi Foreign Ministry. The spokesman for Haider Al-Abadi, Saad Al-Hadithi said that statement issued on Tuesday by the Iraqi Prime Minister is indicating the beginning of serious political dialogue about his supposed attempts. A representative of legal authority, Hamid Al-Mutaliq said in a press interview that speculators are targeting the Iraqi Prime Minister, but this kind of reform would not reflect any negative impact if Abadi implement this option with the agreement of Iraqi political blocs. A diplomat in Baghdad said that Iraqi Prime Minister should arrange extensive consultations to avoid any kind of political clash.

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